Offering quality equipment in transport, storage, handling and machinery, that optimizes glass industry’s work at affordable price  is Bromer’s  commitment since 1984.

Our different accomplishments  come from ideas or special needs from customers. From there we deploy all of our design skills to come up with equipment that will be as efficient as possible.

Our notoriety is born from our client's recommendations.

Compromises on quality or service will never be in our vocabulary. Since 1984, we have manufactured thousands of equipment with the thought that we were fabricating them as if they were for ourselves, or for our own family.  With that in mind, we never went wrong.
Learn how customers value Bromer:

Proglass, Zebulon NC
Mr. Charles Kramer owner of Proglass, formerly of Diamond Glass and Mirror, offers to Zebulon a North Carolina community, high expertise in custom glass work since 1980.

  Mr. Kramer prefers the pole system that doesn’t require manipulation and completely secures the glass load by just pulling the pole. He knows that his team will always leave with the load well secured, even if they are on a rush or just a little distracted.  The glass will arrive flawlessly at destination every time.

The experienced glazier will tell you that a Bromer rack is a great investment and he will recommend it to anyone. After 15 years he never had any trouble with any of his Bromer racks. That can even be stretched to his interior van racks and his Bromer in-shop carts.

He knows a lot when it's time to carry around glass pieces as his domain of expertise has been residential and commercial showers, mirrors, glass dividers and window replacement for the last 30 years.  He and his wife Jill Kramer have 8 teams on the road for installation and they know what to look for when comes time to buy a glass rack. Mr. Kramer will tell you that Bromer racks are the best. Why so? He bought his first Bromer rack 15 years ago and he is still using it.

At first, his installation teams were all trying to be THE team on the truck equipped with the Bromer rack. It was the easiest and the fastest to use according to them.  Now, the entire 8 truck fleet is equipped with Bromer racks and nothing else.

For his next purchase, Mr. Kramer will choose without any doubt a Bromer rack that is made of aluminum.

He admits that in appearance aluminum could look weak, but in fact he knows that it's a material that has proven its durability throughout the years without any breakage.  In fact he believes that aluminum will help him save gas money by being lighter on the truck. He also gains by enabling the transportation of more glass weight.
He invites anybody to use a Bromer rack for a week and guarantees that after that, nobody will want to change. The Proglass owner says that you don’t know how good Bromer racks works until you use one.

We believe that a quality product and a reliable service is the foundation of a long-lasting business relationship.

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