We are always striving to provide equipment suited to client’s specific requests. Thinking outside of the box has permitted us to come up with innovative solutions adapted to the glass industry. We appreciate when our equipment is wisely designed while still at an affordable cost.
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© Storage List


For the retailer or the glass manufacturer, Bromer has the solution.

Choose the product that interests you and see the description here.


© Regular Drawer

© Stock Sheet Drawer


Even highly loaded, drawers are easy to pull in and out

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1,000 lbs capacity per drawer

All sealed bearing guiding system 

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© Free-Fall Drawer

© Free-Fall Shuttle Drawer

Good space saver

Best equipment for free fall

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For glass pack or wooden crate

Can be modified for heavier capacity (6,000 lbs - 8,000 lbs - 10,000 lbs)

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© Motorized Shuttle Drawer © Side Shift Drawer

Shuttle automatically returns drawer in proper place

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For standard crate or special sizes

Compact system

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© Double Sided Drawer

© Mini Drawer

Drawer pulled out on each side

Self standing solid steel construction 

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All contact surfaces rubber protected

6 inch phenolic wheels 

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  © Harp Rack

© Rails and Poles

Large variety of sizes and load capacity

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Solid steel construction

Perfect for crates or glass packs

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© Extrusion Drawer © Automatic Free-Fall Loading Table

Easiest way to store aluminum extrusion

Can be combined with the regular drawer system

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Free Fall from both sides of the table  

Transfer glass to a cutting table 

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