We are always striving to provide equipment suited to client’s specific requests. Thinking outside of the box has permitted us to come up with innovative solutions adapted to the glass industry. We appreciate when our equipments are wisely designed while still at an affordable cost.
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© Pick-Up Truck Options


Goal Post

Carry aluminium framing while leaving pick-up box empty



Over Cab Extension


Side Rack Extension






Carry aluminum framing







Perfect for storefront or commercial glass companies


Interior Rack

Carry more glass and wider dimensions



Pole Extension

Enable long glass dimension transport



Triple Tool Box & Interior Rack 

Enable wide pack transportation

while having tools secured


Second Height Ledgeboard

Retractable, help carry small pieces whenever it's required

Carry two small stacks on same side



Triple Tool Box

Secure for 24 hours service



Double tools box

Secure tools

Protect objects from bad weather





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