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Caster table option

Caster Table for Double Belt Seamer.png

Caster Table Options

Seamer table

Caster table for X-seamer with operator passage. Standard or custom sizes. Possibility of adding side loading rollers. 

Tilt Caster Table with Side Roller.png

Caster Table Options

tilting table with side loading caster

Tilting table with pneumatic assistance and side loading wheels


Caster Table Options

UV light table for lamination

UV curing table for liquid lamination technology. Complete system with distance adjustment of lights, timer and automated conveyor system also available

Tilt Caster Table.png

Caster Table Options

standard tilt table

Tilting table with pneumatic assistance


Caster Table Options

Inspection table

Table with adjustable LED lights for inspection of insulated glass or laminated glass units

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