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Custom project

Type of Harp rack


Our harp type carts are made in our facilities to our specifications, but what does that mean? We have the engineering department to adapt to your requests. We have automated machines for the production of the funds, our funds are made specifically with the necessary characteristics for superior durability. Our rods are pushed with an alloy precisely having rigidity and elasticity for use. Our steel is manufactured according to North American structural standards, our wheels have the capacity to truly withstand the manufacturer's capacity. Our carts are made to last, even with the maximum load of 4000LBS.

Custom trolley

A chariot spc.png

You have a specific need for carts that could increase your productivity. A cart rotation that involves loading material during the day, loading it onto a truck in the evening, transporting and delivering it to customers the next day and returning to the factory for another cycle. We have several solutions for attachments, shelves, rolling, truck anchoring, flood attachment, in short there is no limit.

Tilting caster table

table folding door down.png

An example of a tailor-made project, a table with retractable panels which allow the passage of a forklift in a production line. We are here to answer your questions, find solutions and create systems that solve the problem.

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