We are always striving to provide equipment suited to client’s specific requests. Thinking outside of the box has permitted us to come up with innovative solutions adapted to the glass industry. We appreciate when our equipments are wisely designed while still at an affordable cost.
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Automatic Seaming Line Video


©Automatic Seaming Line Z-PATH



Saves floor space persistent edge semaing competitive price


Less floor space used, easy to integrate

Z-PATH for the glass pathway...





Repetitive and persistant static seaming


Dry sanding (wet optional)


Glass sizes from 14''x16'' to 72''x120'' (larger sizes optional)


Meet any line


Easy to intergrate: less floor used


All double belt seaming





static seaming

suction cups

dry sanding

compact line

locally fabricated

process different glass sizes




glass sheet surface stays untouched

retain glass sheets: permit persistent seaming

no mess, easy to operate

saves spaces, easy to intergrate

low cost, quick response

accomodate all job







Glass sheet are travelling

First glass sheet arrive at seaming station

junction conveyors are retracting.

suctions cups retain glass sheets

seaming heads start seaming process

glass sheets stay immobile

glass sheets are travelling to next seaming station or to line end


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